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Polish accelerator on the Polish border of the EU

Akcelerator 6/9 MeV produkcji Zakładu Aparatury Jądrowej NCBJ przeznaczony do systemu Canis (foto: MultiControl)
At the Kuź­nica Bia­ło­stocka-Grodno bor­der cros­sing, an X-ray device for scan­ning of rail­way wagons works with full func­tio­na­lity. It was built using solu­tions deve­lo­ped in the NCBJ. The core of the sys­tem is cal­led Canis and it is an elec­tron acce­le­ra­tor with swit­ched energy of 6 and 9 MeV pro­du­ced by the NCBJ Nuclear Equipment Division (HITEC). ----

The T2K results limit the possible values of the CP symmetry violating phase for neutrinos

T2K’s Col­la­bo­ra­tion publi­shed new results in the pre­sti­gious scien­ti­fic jour­nal Nature regar­ding the lar­gest para­me­ter limit to date deter­mi­ning the vio­la­ting phase of sym­me­try between mat­ter and antimat­ter in neu­trino oscil­la­tions. Almost half of the possi­ble values ​​of the para­me­ter δCP were exc­lu­ded, thus reve­aling the basic owner­ship of neu­trinos that had not been measu­red so far. ----

Polish participation in the Japanese T2K experiment

Credit: the T2K experiment,
An inter­na­tio­nal team of scien­ti­sts col­la­bo­ra­ting on the T2K expe­ri­ment today anno­un­ced in the jour­nal Nature signi­fi­cant rese­arch results that bro­aden know­ledge of the lack of sym­me­try between mat­ter and antimat­ter. This is a good time to recall that Polish scien­ti­sts from six cen­ters, coope­ra­ting within the Polish Neu­trino Group, are also con­tri­bu­ting to this expe­ri­ment. ----