MARIA Reactor Operations Division (EJ2)

Świerk, building R2A, phone 22 273 10 88, fax 22 273 12 18, email



Structure – Team Leaders

  • Operator Team (DOM) – Eng. Jacek Idzikowski
  • Mechanical Workshop (DMM) – Eng. Ryszard Stanaszek MSc
  • Electrical Workshop (DEM) –  Eng. Piotr Szaforz MSc
  • Instruments Workshop (DAM) –  Eng. Piotr Witkowski
  • Dosimetry Lab (DDM) –  Eng. Jan Lechniak MSc
  • Irradiation Technologies Lab (DTN) –  Eng. Janusz Jaroszewicz MSc
  • Chemistry Lab (PCh) –  Eng. Krzysztof Jezierski MSc


Objective of the Division is to operate the MARIA research reactor in line with all nuclear safety/radiation protection requirements (Nuclear Law, other regulations, MARIA Reactor Safety Report).

Operator Team (DOM) responsibilities:(i) facility supervision (access control, coordination of actions undertaken within the facility, documenting reactor state, keeping records of movable reactor core elements/irradiated isotopes); (ii) technical reactor operation (control room duties during reactor start-up/power operation/shut down phases, performing tests and verification of reactor technological sub-systems, conducting reactor state analyses).

Responsibilities of the DMM/DEM/DAM workshops include running maintenance/tests/repairs of the respective technical sub-systems and maintaining their engineering documentation.

Responsibilities of the Dosimetry Lab (DDM) include taking care of radiation protection of the staff and other persons within the facility, as well as documenting radioactive substances released into the environment from the reactor.

Responsibilities of the Irradiation Technologies Lab (DTN) include getting target materials ready for irradiation inside the reactor, formal supervision over the irradiation process, shipping the irradiated targets.

Responsibilities of the Chemistry Lab (PCh) include running facilities to produce de-mineralized water for reactor primary cooling loop, water filters and performing analyses of water quality.